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FEP Party President Mustafa Ali Cavus’s 2016- 17 Academic Year Message 26.09.2016-12:05
I wish a successful 2016- 17 academic year to children, who are our future and hope, and to our teachers performing a sacred duty.
Our greatest desire and request is that the quality of education for the Western Thrace Turkish Minority improves and our children take advantage of all opportunities of modern education.

Dear students, as a minority child, no difficulty you encounter in your educational life should prevent you from reaching your goal. You should work harder to achieve your goal and equip yourself to strive for better days for yourself, family and minority. Firstly, you should take ownership of your mother-tongue. If you lose you language you will lose your identity. Do not forget your greatest treasure in life is your mother-tongue.

Our esteemed teachers to who we entrust our children, for our minority to see better days you will prepare our children to be well equipped whilst taking ownership of their culture. Giving our children a good mother-language and strong cultural knowledge will keep us standing forever. It is in your hands to steer our children towards beneficial goals and ensure they benefit their families and society. I wish you success on your mission.

Dear mothers and fathers, in today’s education you have a great responsibility. You must be in good communication with your children and their teachers. At all times and under every condition support your children. The great love shown to them will be returned with respect and success. You are the ones who will first teacher their culture. It is vital that well-equipped children are brought up with your and their teachers’ efforts. For this reason, it is necessary you allocate time and show interest with your children.

As we all know, new problems are added to the existing educational problems of the Western Thrace Turk Minority. Minority schools on the pretext of a lack of children, contrary to their autonomous structure are being closed. Although the inadequacy of secondary and high schools are known, permission to open new schools is not given and there are no serious efforts in this regard. Our demands for bilingual Greek- Turkish kindergartens are not taken into account. It upsets us that in the 21st century, an era of information and communication, we are grappling with such problems. We expect Greece to urgently solve the issues. It should not be forgotten that an education with it problems solved will equip students to serve this country.

I believe our society deserves the most civilized of life. A civilised life is only possible through education. Education is an education that needs to be shown great precision. As a society if we want better days we need facilitate our children to receive a good education.

I with my whole heart wish for a successful academic year to our teachers and students.

Mustafa Ali Cavus
FEP Party President


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