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FEP Party’s Establishment Anniversary 12th September 1991 27.09.2016-12:56
The FEP Party is 25 years old.

Our respected people,

25 years ago, our late leader Dr. Sadik Ahmet and his colleagues established the Friendship Equality Peace Party. Today, we continue working tirelessly without deviating from its goals and ideals, to resist the injustices suffered by our people and to expose them on every platform.

In July 2010, we took office with great responsibility in solidarity with my colleagues and have shown great effort to fulfil our responsibilities. Our Party with every passing day has become more self-rooted in the political arena, with efforts appreciated by our people. Votes from the latest European Parliamentary elections is official registration of this.

Our Party until today has experiences ups and down influenced by our country Greece’s political volatility. We are grateful to all FEP Party founders and those who have undertaken important responsibilities in carrying the flag to today.

We are appreciative of our founder, late leader Dr Sadik Ahmet and all those who served the party and have brought the party to today. We wish mercy upon those who have died and health to those still alive. We continue our struggle with the path they have opened and enlightened. We owe them a debt of gratitude.

Our biggest thanks is to our people. Without their great support it would not be possible to keep a political body afloat. As long as our people support us we will continue working determinedly. Our struggle will continue uninterruptedly, fearlessly and tirelessly until our rights arising from the Lausanne Treaty our given to our people.

As of today, there has been no slightest development or improvement with the minority’s problems. The Greek State ignores all the demands of the minority and refuses to return their rights. This situation cannot continue forever. We expect Greece, an EU member to give up on its attitude and take into account the EU’s sensitivity about human rights and freedoms and solve immediately the problems. Our greatest desire is to be a happy minority and serve our country. As a minority our only demand is equal citizenship and minority rights.

On the occasion of our anniversary, I applaud the firm stance taken by our people and salute them with great affection.

Best Regards,

Mustafa Ali Cavus
FEP Party President



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