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Press Release – Condemnation 17.12.2016-10:46
We condemn the heinous attack and share with the world public our struggle against racism will continue without diverging from democracy.
For the occasion of 10th December World Human Rights Day, the Friendship Equality Peace (FEP) Party and the Greek Helsinki Monitor on Monday 12th December organized an event about ‘National Minorities in Greece and Recommendations of International Organizations’. The event was held at the Athens Journalists’ Association conference room in Athens.

The event which started with Minority Rights Group Representative Nafsika Papanikoatu as moderator was violently invaded by four MPs from the racist Golden Dawn Party and its sympathizers. FEP Party President Mustafa Ali Cavus was threatened with death, our Party’s executives, organizers of the event and the participants were subjected to abuse and threats. The MPs and other group members, who invaded the room, insulted the Western Thrace Turkish Minority and our identity with unmentionable insults. We strongly condemn this ugly attack which is a blow to our country’s democratic platform.

Despite, notification to the State’s security units in advance and their declaration to take necessary precautions, it is not acceptable that a conference held in our country’s capital Athens was invaded, a President of an official political party was threatened and participants were insulted. The incident, a grave event, could have ended up with deep trouble.

We wait with curiosity to see the attitude that will be taken by the prosecutors who launched investigations against FEP Party Mustafa Ali Cavus for his speeches.

Minds who lack knowledge and history and have great contradictions with their inner world with statements of ‘ no Turks in this country’ and ‘Turks get out of Thrace’ have caused great damage to our country Greece’s democracy, human rights and freedoms.

We find it difficult to understand and meaningful that security units familiar with the attitude of the Golden Dawn Party did not take any measures. We share with the whole public that as the FEP Party we strongly condemn the Golden Dawn Party’s MPs and sympathizers for sabotaging a peaceful event we organized in the Athens about human rights and also share our upset that our country’s democracy has greatly suffered.

The FEP Party is determined to be the voice and search for the rights on every platform of the Western Thrace Muslim Turkish Minority and all citizens who have suffered injustice, discrimination and oppression. We will continue, no matter what the cost, to voice the injustices fearlessly with perseverance. We share to the country and world that without deviating from democracy and law we will continue our struggle racism.

FEP Party



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