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FEP Party President Mustafa Ali Cavus Visits Echinos Village 08.02.2017-10:36
On Friday 3rd February, Friendship Equality Peace (FEP) Party President Mustafa Ali Cavus visited Echinos village, carried out Friday prayer at Echinos Karacaahmet Mosque with village congregation and then addressed the people in the courtyard.
During this visit President Mustafa Ali Cavus was accompanied by Vice Presidents Ozan Ahmetoglu, Raif Usta and Ramadan Duban, Secretary General Aydin Ahmet, Youth Branch President Murat Ahmet, CEC Members Mustafa Sargo, Ali Salihoglu, Ismail Salih, President Advisor Bahri Belco and MEP Candididates Huseyin Yazici and Niyazi Avci.

President Mustafa Ali Cavus in his speech stated ‘ as a minority when we were entrusted to Greece, our rights were determined by an international treaty, our rights are very clear in the Lausanne Treaty, however our rights have not been granted for years and the given rights have been taken without consulting with the minority. Despite, Minority education having an autonomous status, schools are being closed without asking school committees or parents. The same applies to the ‘240 Imam Act’ which interferes with freedom of belief. Late Dr. Sadik Ahmet and Mufti Mehmet Emin Aga, gave a great struggle for minority rights, we remember them with gratitude and mercy and follow in their paths with the struggle.

The FEP Party’s struggle in the search of rights has always been supported by the people of Echinos, and this was again shown in the 2014 EP elections in the ballot boxes, we are grateful to the residents for their great support.

As we voice the injustices we have been subjected to as a minority, many investigations have been initiated trying to suppress us. These are futile efforts, which will not stop us from defending our just struggle.

Also as the FEP Party, we have opened the way for our people to claim their individual and democratic right with a signature campaign. I wait for our peoples support. We have inherited a virtue of tolerance from our ancestors. Even though the other side does not see this tolerance, we will continue to act within this framework.’ Mustafa Ali Cavus ended his speech by thanking the residents of Echinos for their hospitality and for listening to him patiently.


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