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WTMUGA and FEP Party’s Joint Press Release: 62nd FUEN Congress Takes Place in Romania’s City of Cluj-Napoca 29.05.2017-14:26
The 62nd Congress of the Federal Union of European Nationalities (FUEN) was held on 17th -22nd May 2017, hosted by the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (RMDSZ), representatives of the Hungarian Minority in Romania’s Transylvania capital Cluj-Napoca
The 62nd FUEN Congress on behalf of the Western Thrace Minority University Graduates Association (WTMUGA) and Friendship Equality Peace (FEP) Party was represented by Onur Mustafa and Mutlu Osman Mustafa. Mustafa Kasap, Sebahattin Mumin and Engin Soyyilmaz were present from ABTTTF and President Prof. Mustafa Kaymakci and Atil Hacimenni from Rhodes, Kos and Dodecanese Turkish Culture and Solidarity Association.

Following the visitors settling into the hotel on Wednesday 17th May, there was a traditional Minority Market, where all minorities introduced themselves and their products.

On the morning of the official opening on Thursday 18th May, FUEN President Lorant Vincze made a greeting speech. Followed by speeches by representatives of the State authorities of the region and many of the minority institutions in Romania, in which their situation was explained. On the same day, during the first session a team of FUEN officials described the launch of the Minority SafePack Initiative’.

Minority SafePack Initiative

The Minority SafePack Initiative, otherwise known as 1 million signatures project was approved by the European Commission on 3rd April 2017. The main objective of this campaign was to strengthen the EU’s cultural and linguistic diversity whilst protecting minority individuals in the European Union within certain legislative frameworks. Towards this target, main headings were identified according to priorities and a booklet containing a presentation of the campaign and minorities’ demands were presented. The booklet will be translated to all EU languages and then distributed to the FUEN members. The main headings of the booklet are; 1. Protection, 2. Language, Education and Culture, 3. Regional Policy, 4. Participation, 5. Equality, 6. Audio- Visual and other Media Content, 7. Support for Minority Communities. Under each heading, problems of the minorities were explained and proposals for legal steps to be taken were included. The deadline for the campaign was emphasised as 1 year later – April 2018. At the end of this time period, the signatures collected from all the minorities will be presented to the EU Commission, in order for steps to be taken for the recommended legislations in the booklet. Each Minority institution in its region has plenty of time to collect signatures and organise various events to promote the campaign.

At the last session of the same day, institution representatives from minorities in Romania described "Contribution of Local Minorities to European Cultural Heritage". After the sessions all participants took a walking tour and were introduced to Cluj-Napoca. Participants were then given dinner by Cluj-Napoca’s Mayor Emil Boc at the Casino Culture Centre in the city’s Central Park. The last event of the day was traditional dance performances in the hotel hall.

On Friday morning 19th May, officials from different institutions held speeches about "National-Cultural Autonomy Practices and Challenges in Contemporary Central and Eastern Europe" and explained of issues faced by minorities in their region. Following this session, FUEN Working Groups held meetings between themselves. Within this framework, FUEN Turkic Working Group gathered under the leadership o FUEN Vice President and ABTTF President Halit Habipoglu and the group’s next meeting and agenda items were discussed. In addition, the Western Thrace group also contributed to the road map of the newly formed FUEN Language and Education Group.

In the afternoon session about ‘Modernity and Innovation in Minority Societies’ certain minority representatives described the situation of minorities. After the session, participants with buses went to Bonchida, where the official launch of the "Minority SafePack Initiative’ was held at Bonchida Castle. All member organisation representatives embarked on the symbolic beginning of the campaign by signing the European Map board. This was followed by Gala dinner at Bonchida Castle.

On Saturday morning 20th May, FUEN Assembly of Delegates was held. Agenda items were discussed, all resolutions by member organisations were accepted and some statute amendments were submitted for member approval. At the end, new memberships were accepted. At the end of the Assembly of Delegates, after all proceedings were complete a country tour was organised and salt mines were visited followed by traditional Hungarian dinner at a restaurant.
On Sunday morning 21st May, all FUEN participants left the hotel and returned to their country.


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