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The Western Thrace Muslim Turkish Minority Wants to See Good Days 07.07.2017-11:07
A press release from FEP Party President Mustafa Ali Cavus.
Distinguished Western Thrace Turkish Minority members,

The Western Thrace Muslim Turkish Minority has been fighting for its rights since 1923. Our minority, the most docile minority among the world's minorities, has been patiently demanding its rights stipulated in the Lausanne Treaty for 94 years, through democratic channels within a legal framework.

Until today, minority representatives have civilly wanted the resolution of minority problems from all governments. However, no government has seriously tilted towards the issues, nor gathered around a table with representatives to listen. Major issues such as education, identity, muftis, foundations and economy still remain unsolved. Governments have further complicated these problems with new decisions and laws enacted without consulting with the minority.

The State is disturbed by heads of minority institutions and mayors, who voice the existence of the current problems on both national and international platforms and in public. Recently, an incredible smear campaign has begun against minority representatives, with adverse perceptions being created in the media and through juridical pressure. Day after day, institution presidents are summoned to give evidence and have investigations initiated.

We especially find it difficult to understand the storm in a teacup against Mayor of Miki following a job advertisement despite conforming to the necessary procedure.

Another event we have witness in recent days is the written statements from Rhodope and Xanthi’s SYRIZA MPs, which direct unjust criticism towards minority institutions. It is not possible to understand what the aforementioned statements are targeting regarding the initiative and explanations made by EPATH teachers at Xanthi’s Minority Secondary and High School. Since when has resorting to judicial remedy or sending a letter to a minister been a ‘political game?’ Dear MPs, we would like to emphasise that instead of trying to criticize minority education institutions and misleading their actions about their activities, why are steps not taken to build a new school building for the education institution, where 650 students are educated.

The Minority wants to see good days. We sincerely believe that the current problems will be solved very easily through mutual consultations. To solve our problems goodwill and tolerance is what is needed. Apart from that, for the resolution of minority problems, through a ballot box to be placed in front of the minority and a referendum, the minority can present its own solutions to its problems. Thus, everyone will comply with the outcome of the polls.

We have repeatedly stated that with the economic crisis, the minority has been deeply affected and income per capita in the region is unjust, which arises from the number of minority members employed in the public sector being no more than that can be counted on one hand.

Creating negative perceptions and defaming minority representatives will not contribute to resolutions. This will only cause more strain on society. A waste of energy in vain. When the problems are solved by democratic means, everyone will spend their energy for the development and democratization of this country, for which no one should be apprehensive about.

Making the resolution of the problems more difficult will not benefit anyone. Lately, many human right defenders be it in the national and international arena and many political parties who been exposed to injustices like us have collaborated with us. The numbers of these are increasing day by day and there is a strong solidarity among us. This will enable us to overcome the unjust political threshold and sooner or later will carry us to be in the national parliament. Thus, those who have difficulty in trusting us will be embarrassed when they see our thoughts and plans for our country. I greet you with all my deepest sympathies with these feelings and thoughts.

Best regards
Mustafa Ali ÇAVUŞ
FEP Party President


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